Shipping Policy

Shipping Policy

Effective Date: 6/04/2023

Welcome to InCabinPets LLC! We are delighted to offer you our air nanny service, which allows you to travel with your beloved pets in the main cabin of flights. This Shipping Policy outlines the terms and conditions governing the transportation of pets with InCabinPets LLC. By booking our services, you agree to comply with this policy.

  1. Booking and Availability

    1.1. Booking: To book our services, visit our website or contact our customer service representatives. Provide accurate information about your travel plans, including flight details, pet information, and any special requirements.

    1.2. Availability: Our services are subject to availability and the regulations of the airlines and relevant authorities. We recommend booking well in advance to secure a spot for your pet.

  2. Eligibility

    2.1. Pet Eligibility: InCabinPets LLC allows the transportation of small dogs, cats, and other small household pets that meet the airline's specific requirements. Please check with the airline for any breed restrictions or limitations.

    2.2. Health and Vaccinations: Pets must be in good health, free from any contagious diseases, and up-to-date with their vaccinations as required by the airline and applicable regulations. You may be asked to provide vaccination records or other documents.

    2.3. Carrier Requirements: Pets must be transported in an airline-approved carrier that meets the size and safety standards set by the airline. Ensure the carrier is comfortable, well-ventilated, and secure.

  3. Fees and Payments

    3.1. Service Fees: InCabinPets LLC charges a service fee for each pet accompanied on a flight. The fee may vary based on factors such as the destination, duration, and airline policies. Please refer to our website or contact our customer service for the current fee schedule.

    3.2. Additional Charges: Additional fees, such as airline pet fees or any required documents, are the responsibility of the customer and may vary depending on the airline and destination. These charges are not included in our service fee.

  4. Flight Information

    4.1. Flight Bookings:  InCabinPets LLC will book airline tickets for nanny and pets for all reservations. 

    4.2. Flight Restrictions: Some airlines have specific restrictions on pet travel, such as blackout periods or limitations on certain routes or aircraft types. We will inform you of any such restrictions during the booking process.

  5. Cancellations and Refunds

    5.1. Cancellation by Customer: If you need to cancel your booking, please notify us as soon as possible. Cancellation policies may vary depending on the airline and the time of cancellation. Refunds, if applicable, will be subject to deduction of any non-refundable fees or charges.

    5.2. Cancellation by InCabinPets LLC: In rare cases, we may need to cancel or reschedule your booking due to unforeseen circumstances. We will make every effort to accommodate you and your pet on an alternative flight within a reasonable amount of time. If no suitable alternative is available, a refund of the service fee will be provided.

  6. Liability and Responsibility

    6.1. Pet Safety: InCabinPets LLC takes utmost care in ensuring the safety and well-being of your pet during transportation. However, we cannot assume responsibility for any injuries, illness, loss, or death of your pet that may occur during or after the transportation process.

    6.2. Customer Responsibility: It is the customer's responsibility to provide accurate information, comply with airline regulations, and ensure the

  7. Pet Dropoff and Pickup Location

    7.1 Meet the Nanny at the Ticketed Airlines curbside bag drop-off 2 hours prior to flight and 30 minutes after arrival unless another location has been arranged with the Nanny