Our Mission

InCabinPets provides an innovative and easy-to-use platform for our customers, nannies, and referral partners. We currently service major airports in the USA allowing our verified and certified nannies to escort your pet in the main cabin of the airplane, which meets new airline requirements for pets under 25lbs who can no longer be flown in the underbelly of planes in cargo holds. InCabinPets website and platform were architected to provide the highest level of service and most convenience to our customers, nannies, and referral partners. We are constantly improving our platform and operations to make it even better each day and have full technical and administrative teams to ensure our operations are streamlined and improved as we figure out ways to make them more efficient. We certify and perform identity verification services for all our approved nannies as well as provide our customers with in-transit wellness pictures and real-time alerts and notifications for the utmost convenience. InCabinPets is USDA-licensed and insured with a large pool of approved flying pet nannies which is growing rapidly, along with many past satisfied customers. We service every major airport in the USA through our automated system and can also provide flights to regional airports upon request for dogs and cats under 25 lbs. As our nanny database grows, our availabel airports/markets expand at the sametime.


Our History

InCabinPets was founded in 2017 by legendary Cane Corso kennel owner Nick Loftis. Nick has a background as a dog trainer, and a huge dog and animal enthusiast. Nick needed to relocate some highly sought-after puppies all the way across the country and had the idea to employ animal-loving nannies to help breeders, dog show participants, rescue and relocation, and others needing to move pets in the care of a nanny and in the main cabin of the airplane which led to the creation of InCabinPuppy.com which has grown virally by satisfied customers such as dog breeders and rescue organizations across the United States. Through its success, Nick realized that there was a demand for a better solution for air travel for pets. This led to the rebranded and new InCabinPets.com platform. Mr. Loftis also operates a raw dog food supplier, and breeder along with dog training as well which are all synergistic to the future and growth of InCabinPet’s to always be the most intuitive platform on the market.

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